Business sale and purchase

Advisory services and managing the sale and purchase procedures of businesses

The beginnings of the RJF company date back to 2008. Over the years, we have built long-term relationships with companies, entrepreneurs and investors both at home and in Europe. With good coverage of Slovenian and SEE/CEE markets, RJF brings the ability to identify opportunities in the entire region. Our goal is to remain local while being able to support the strategy and the development of our clients on a global scale.

Today, RJF has more than 80 M&A references. In 2023, we are a trusted advisor to more than 15 privately owned Slovenian small and medium-sized companies, either on either buy- or sell-side. In 2022, we successfully completed 5 projects, and in 2023 we expect to repeat this excellent result.

Our advantages

Why choose RJf?

We are a client-centric M&A (mergers & acquisition) advisory firm. We see things from the client's point of view. Our clients are successful entrepreneurs. We are guided by dedication, professionalism and the desire to complete the deal.

We successfully advise clients and guide them through the entire process of the services we offer. Our competitive advantage is the combination of knowledge of the local environment and best international practice - through the M&A association AICA.

We are distinguished by our quick responsiveness, entrepreneurial mindset and individual approach to solutions.

We increase value of companies
M&A team
AICA global partner
Knowledge & professionalism
M&A "One-stop-shop"
We are the leading company in the field of M&A advisory in the SME segment in Slovenia
15+ years of experience
80+ references
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RJF at the AICA Global Meeting in Dublin
11 May 2023

RJF at the AICA Global Meeting in Dublin

We are happy to share a glimpse of the successful AICA 2023 global meeting, which took place in Dublin between May 4 and 6, 2023. Our partner Roman Jeras attended the international conference. In addition to the wonderful Irish hospitality shown by our Irish member company Capnua Corporate...

Global reach and local expertise

RJ Finance is a member of the international M&A association

Global reach and local expertise

Alliance of International Corporate Advisors (AICA) is an association of more than 40 M&A related advisory firms in 40 countries. As part of this exclusive global alliance, RJF can offer its clients access to a global M&A network.

Through AICA's network spanning six continents, we provide access to industry expertise, a large number of strategic buyers, transaction targets and financial partners to execute a successful transaction. In addition to transaction knowledge, the partners also draw on good experience as successful entrepreneurs, investors and board members, especially in medium-sized and small companies.