RJF worldwide - partner within the global AICA alliance

Global reach and local expertise

More than 40 owner-managed M&A advisory firms are linked in 40 countries by the Alliance of International Corporate Advisors (AICA). As part of this exclusive global alliance, RJF is able to offer its clients M&A consulting services involving international, local partners. AICA does not only enable good access to acquirers or target companies on a global scale. Rather, the international M&A colleagues have local knowledge of both professional and cultural nature, which benefits every single customer in almost all transactions.

AICA benefits

Our local experts

Thanks to the international M&A partners, RJF has immediate access to companies in local markets and knows their practices. And most importantly, because we have our own experts in 40 countries, we can refer to their advice, recommendations and contacts at any time during an M&A transaction.

Using regional M&A know-how

An M&A transaction works differently in every country. With our AICA partners, we cannot only respond to these challenges in a targeted manner, but also increase the chances of success for a potential M&A transaction with an international buyer or target company.

Cultural understanding

Frequently, a good linguistic and cultural understanding of the partners who meet for an M&A transaction at an international level is absolutely crucial. With the support of our AICA partners, we intensively prepare our customers as purchaser or sellers for the country-specific requirements.



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