Legal notice and general terms and conditions


For the purpose of this notice, the website is a term that includes all web pages at the address

Intellectual property rights and website content

All content on the website primarily serves to inform. RJF d.o.o. agrees to do everything in its power to ensure the information on the website is truthful, reliable, and of high quality. However, it is not responsible for possible typographical errors, delays, and flaws in entering up-to-date information.

The website is the intellectual property of RJF d.o.o. All texts, images, graphics, and other documents are copyrighted and may not be copied, duplicated, transcribed, modified, or reproduced in any way without written consent.

Limitation of liability

RJF d.o.o. will strive for correct, current, and truthful data on its website but RJF d.o.o. nor any other legal or physical person who participated in the creation of the website or is still participating in its’ upgrades can be held responsible for any damage, lost profit or non-material damage that may occur as a result of using the website.

RJF d.o.o. will try to ensure the smooth operation of the website but cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to interruptions.

RJF d.o.o. reserves the right to change the website, at any time, without prior notice.

Personal data protection

Any data that RJF d.o.o. obtained through the website is intended exclusively for internal use and for the purpose for which they were sent. RJF d.o.o. protects personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act.


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Website traffic data (visit statistics)

When you visit our website, certain data is automatically stored on our servers for the purpose of system management or for keeping statistics or for backup. This information includes the name of your ISP, in some cases a partial IP address, the version of your browser software, the operating system of your computer used to access our website, the URL of the reference website (websites from which you came to our website), the websites you visit while you are on our website, and the search terms you have entered to find our website. This data may allow certain conclusions about individual visitors to our website, but in this case no processing of personal data is carried out (IP address is masked and is not stored in full). The use of such data is completely anonymous.

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Using plug-ins for social networks

Plugins for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. may be included on our website. These services are offered by external companies (eg AddThis, Facebook, Twitter, Google,… - hereinafter: Providers).

With the help of plug-ins, each Provider receives information about which of our websites you have accessed. If at the time of visiting our website you are logged in with your user account to e.g. Facebook, this Provider can find out what content you access with your user account. In case of interaction with plug-ins (eg if you press the "like" button or if you submit a comment), your browser forwards this information to the servers of a certain Provider, where this information is stored.

If you do not want e.g. Facebook visit our website linked to your user account of this Provider, you must log out of the social network Facebook before visiting our website.

For more information about the collection and use of information from a particular service provider, and about your rights and privacy options, see the website of that particular service provider.

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Change of terms

RJF d.o.o. reserves the right to change the general conditions without prior notice. Changes take effect as soon as they are published. Please read the general terms and conditions carefully each time you visit our website.

Competent court

Slovenian law is used exclusively for interpretation and all legal issues related to the use of materials published on the website. The court in Ljubljana has jurisdiction over claims and disputes related to the use of these materials.


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